***This page was updated on July 8.***

Welcome, classmates. 

We are hoping to see everyone July 27 -29, 2017. 

We are using this web page to try to reach as many people as possible.  There is a charge for using it, though, so we want to switch to email.  We will keep the email site up until our next reunion so we will not have to set up another web page.

We would like everyone to email a request for registration to our email account which
is set up through my company. The user name is <77class@patcomt.com>.
When we get your email, we will send information to you and add you to our contact list.  We have sent out registration packets from the email address to everyone who has requested one.  If you did not get one, check your spam/trash and/or request another copy.  You can also call Rob Zeller at 406-231-0736 for assistance.

Please register by email asap so we can get head counts for the various events.  Also, be sure to send a copy of the registation with your payment so we can keep things straight.  You can pay when you arrive, but we prefer that you send your money in advance.

Please go to the Classmates section and register so friends can contact you directly.  We have had requests for contact information from classmates and would prefer that you contact them yourselves.

Golfers:  We need a head count.  If you have a team, send members' names. You can pay when you get to the golf course; remember, though, that you will still have to pay if you sign up and are a no-show.

We will update this web page in our "spare time" and keep it through the reunion.
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